Improve Team Collaboration at Work

Online Team Building Activities to Improve Employee Connections and Make Communication Flow.

Better Communication for a Better Workplace.

Ludo helps you break through social awkwardness and create a better work environment.

Tangible results: free flowing communication leads to engaged employees and a more productive workplace.

Organic Team Building

Team building is a process, not a one time event. We believe that short daily interactions are far greater than forced yearly activities. Grow everyday, not once a year.

Team Activities for Everyone

Social gatherings can be uncomfortable for some people, especially when forced. Ludo activities let introverts and extroverts alike break through their personal bubbles.

5 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes

Worried that some fun at work might cut into productivity? Rest assured, Ludo activities are designed to limit participation time, and on average, our players spend about 5 minutes a day online.

Put those short periods of employee downtime to good use.


Our Activities

Casino Heist
Improve Team Collaboration
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Office Wolf
Break the Ice
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The Chair
Reinforce Connections
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They Love Ludo
We have been using Ludo for 4 rounds and loving it. Great way to open communications and get to know each other.
(Senior UX Designer, Best Buy)
Our team gets really engaged in these games. You’re building something really awesome here.
(Head of Product, Redeye)
It helped participants find new points of connection and added humor to our interactions. I like that it was fun and interactive and incorporated personal elements
(MS & US Director, STEAM Innovation)
Our company includes 7 different subsidiaries packed into one building. These different branches don’t interact much outside of company parties. After playing Ludo, I saw people from different branches having lunch together, and new hires didn’t have to wait for company parties to feel like they fit in.
(Technical Director of Innovation, E-sites)
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